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What is Burner Connect?

Burner Connect is an all in one suite of tools built into a bespoke social network, making planning and organizing simple yet effective, it is specifically tailored towards the Burner and festivaling community. One of the main goals is to introduce the festivaling world to the 10 principle that Burning Man has developed.

The initial concept for Burner Connect was to create a platform that better serves the Burning Man community for all aspects of organization and connection. Currently the best solution has been to use facebook but this falls far short of the tools we need for multiple reasons.

Last year after visiting the GLC (Global Leadership Conference) for Burning Man, I presented the Beta Version to the audience and to many of the leaders/organizers. The feedback was very positive, one part surprised me slightly and that was the recommendation to commodify the network so that it would not only finance itself but make a profit. After lots of time and thought a slightly new direction has been decided that I believe will greatly benefit the entire community. Some of those details are outlined below.

Burner Connect will feature a new concept for decommodification. Users will be presented with an option that they can change at anytime that will allow them to switch advertising on or off. If advertising is switched on (commodified), that user will receive advertising in the browsing experience, as a reward for this they will be paid a portion of the advertising revenue (The exact portion is yet to be decided).

This new concept will give users the freedom to choose if they want to see advertising and if so they will be rewarded accordingly. User will be rewarded in the form of a Crypto Currency specifically tied to Burner Connect.

In the next few weeks Burner Connect will be announcing news of an upcoming ICO (Initial Coin Offering).

There will be multiple uses for a Burner Coin / Festival Coin, here are a few ideas

  • Purchase tickets for events
  • Trade/Sell tickets for events
  • Pay Camp fees
  • Buy popular items from merchants that adopt the payment process for things like El Wire etc...
  • Use the coin at festivals to buy merchandise / food / drinks etc...
  • Donate to projects / crowdfunding / Burners Without borders
  • The coin can be used in a marketplace much like craigslist, this area is 95% complete on Burner Connect.
  • Split costs with people, an example would be splitting expenses like gas for a trip or being reimbursed for expenses.
  • Reward volunteers or pay staff in coin
  • Advertisers will use the coin to pay for advertising on the site
  • Reward people in coin to participate in surveys / focus groups etc..
  • and much more...
  • Plans for this year are to complete a new ticketing system that is built on BlockChain technology, this system will eliminate fraud and scalping, two major issues we currently have with festival/event ticketing. Also ticket purchases will be performed in seconds rather than minutes like we see on most current systems.

    Isn't facebook good enough? Why do we need Burner Connect?

    In a word NO facebook is not good enough, our entire community is fragmented and disconnected here are some examples of what we need in our community that facebook does not provide:

    • Know what Burner related events are going on in your area
    • Know what theme camps are connected to what events, and connect with them to camp with them
    • Know what fundraisers are connected to what events
    • Know what dates are available for you to host a fundraisers and not conflict with others
    • Ticket Exchange, let people know you have/need a ticket for events
    • Create your own surveys related to a group/event/theme camp etc..
    • Organize/manage your theme camp, number of campers, list of campers, availability in your camp.
    • Work out rideshares to/from events so that people that live near each other can travel together
    • Work out how people are transporting things to events and share costs/space
    • Finding people in your area in this community that have skills/interest that you have in common or are looking for
    • Keep your Burner life seperate from your family/friends life on facebook
    • Allow you to be whoever the hell you want to be, name/playaname, pictures etc... Without the stupid strict rules.
    • AND much more, we have Flexibility! We can do anything that we need with our own community space.


    OK listen up! A report in the shows that US & Canadian facebook users generate about $54.16 a year in income for the company. We take the principles of a decomodified community seriously and should not be generating millions of dollars a year for a company just so that we can conduct our day to day lives and organize our Burner community. We have a huge community you do the math!


    Burner Connect is a FREE site and stands by the principles of Decommodification, That means NO advertsing on the site unless users activly switch it on themselves in order to recieve rewards.

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